Henry Wadsvorth LongfeIIow

“Music is the common language of humanity.”

Havana Club is a tourist venue which starts serving in April of each year and continues its activities until November, hosting new year events, special events and various celebrations throughout the calendar. It also hosts some events for the winter season.

Havana Club is ideally located in city the centre of Alanya near the pier area and is easily found on Google Earth or Google Maps.

The venue has a capacity of 1000 people, consisting of two floors, and both have open air facilities. It also has a fascinating castle and city view, offering a visual feast to its visitors. Two separate VIP lounges on the second floor of the venue offer balconies and effectively act as a third floor of the building.

The Havana Club has four bars in total and VIP lounge areas that are close to both the stage and dance floor. The top of the building can be closed instantly depending on the weather conditions to offer non-stop entertainment to visitors.

The majority of the visitors are European tourists. The business is very selective about customer profile management, and it guarantees a safe entertainment environment for all visitors. There is also a VIP card for private customers and various privileges like free pick up and shuttle service.

Havana Club is about music and dance; along with distinguished DJs brought from various parts of the world throughout the year, Brazilian and Cuban dance groups regularly bring lively Latin nights to its very own guests.