Henry Wadsvorth LongfeIIow

“Music is the common language of humanity.”

The Havana Beach Club is a delightful resort which was established in 2007 around the west entry side of Alanya Beach called Dinek region, complete with outdoor pool and children’s pool on the seaside shore. It also has playing areas for kids as well as recreational areas for young people where they can easily reach pool and beach facilities.

There is a bar with a direct connection to the pool and all kinds of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages are available with fresh cocktails and smoothies also served, as well as Nargiles available for the guests.

There are beach beds with a capacity of 600 people to be at the beach and the edge of the pool. There are also several lounges and balconies for the beach-goers to enjoy.

The business also has a profesional kitchen and restaurant section, which serves delicious Italian cuisine and is particularly known for mouthwatering pizzas.

There is a free shuttle bus service and a private pick up service as you can come to the beach club for special occasions.

Havana Beach Club also has a beach party dedicated to us, which has been regularly scheduled for about 10 years, between May and September, every few weeks, twice a week, customized by Scandinavian guests.

All kinds of safety and hygiene regulations are strictly observed.